RC Factor and Cells

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RC Factor and Cells

Post by Kitaro on Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:44 am

Level Negative: RC factor of below 100, when a Ghoul reaches this level of RC factor they become comatose until death or until their RC factor reaches 100 again to regain consciousness and mobility.
Level 0: RC factor of 150 which is commonly referred to as the "human" level. At this point the RC cells offer no significant or noticeable effect. This is the default level for humans and humans cannot fall below this point as well as suffer no RC-related penalties. A Ghoul at this level of RC factor has only one fourth of the physicality multipliers of their usual level (rounded down).
Level 1: RC factor of 500 which is the lowest level of RC factor required for a Ghoul to activate their Kagune. However, at this level, due to low RC factor for Ghouls their physicality multipliers are reduced by one half (rounded down).
Level 2: RC factor of 1,000 and the lower-end of the average for Ghouls. At this level a Ghoul can activate a Kagune without dropping into level 0 range as well as maintaining their body after doing so. At this level, a Ghoul suffers a penalty to their physicality multipliers that is equal to one fourth of their total (rounded up).
Level 3: RC factor of 2,000 and the true average for Ghouls. At this level activating a Kagune comes easily and is capable of being used to it's fullest potential. Ghouls at this level suffer no physicality penalties. For humans, this level is considered the starting point of "RC Cell Over-Secretion Disease" (ROS). Causing Kagune-like growths and cysts to begin appearing on the human but qualifies the human to become a Quinx.
Level 4: RC factor of 3,000 and the upper average for Ghouls. This level offers a slight increase to the durability of the Kagune itself once created and provides the physicality safety net of level three RC factor after Kagune-usage.
Level 5: RC factor of 4,500. This level is typically only reached by Ghouls who cannibalize other Ghouls for power, at Level 5, a Ghoul's RC factor physically empowers their body further. Covering weakness and adding one to the Ghoul's lowest multiplier.
Level 6: RC factor of 5,500 which continues the empowerment of the body through the spreading of the RC cells throughout the Ghoul's body. This causes an increase of one to the multipliers of Strength and Durability.
Level 7: RC factor of 6,500 is the point that the RC cells can spread fully throughout the Ghoul's body in an impactful way, offering an increase of one to all multipliers except the Ghoul's lowest, which receives an increase of two.
Level 8: RC factor of 8,000 is seemingly the maximum spread of RC cells throughout a body. Allowing the Ghoul to take on an embodied form of their Kagune type upon it's activation (Must be registered). Once a Ghoul reaches an RC factor of Level 8, that Ghoul cannot feed until it has decreased to Level 7. Additionally, Level 8 supplies the Ghoul with two uses of their Kagune before decreasing to level 7.

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