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Ghoul Overview

Post by Kitaro on Sat Apr 02, 2016 2:34 am

A Ghoul activating their Kagune drops that Ghoul down by one RC factor. RC factor. It takes one feeding for every Kakuhou you take to raise. RC factor determines the base power of the Kagune and it's natural functions as well as the significance of it's weaknesses while Kakuhou themselves determine anything special or extra about that Ghoul's Kagune.

Each Kakuhou a Ghoul has fills at the same rate as RC cells are spread evenly between them on consumption. While this makes it harder for a Ghoul to keep up their Rc factor, each Kaukuhou that is attached to a Ghoul's Kagune, allows the Ghoul an upgrade to that Kagune. A ghoul can achieve more than one Kagune by the consumption of other Ghouls of a specific type. After cannibalizing five Ghouls, that all share a Kagune type, the Ghoul doing the cannibalizing gains a new Kagune of the same type as the Ghouls that have been consumed, adding an additional Kakuhou and a re-balancing of the connections between the Ghoul's Kakuhou and Kagune. Each Kakuhou must be located in the area associated with that Ghoul's Kagune type. If a Ghoul has multiple Kagune, the Kakuhou may be divided in location between them, but must still be in the associated area of the Kagune they are attached to.

When a Ghoul takes on more than one Kagune type, that Ghoul's Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Durability multipliers are re-arranged according to the following rules but chosen in specifics by the Ghoul personally. Only one of these may be five or more times greater than that of a normal human. All multipliers must be part of one of that Ghoul's Kagune type multipliers to be used. For every one of these multipliers the Ghoul uses that is the highest available multiplier, another must use the lowest available multiplier.

[Example: Ukkaku and Rinkaku would allow for a Strength multiplier of two (lowest) Agility multiplier of six (highest) Stamina multiplier of three (highest) and a Durability multiplier of two (lowest).]

Ukakku Kagune specialize in agility and highly enhanced speed, though being of a permanently limited weight, are usually lacking in stamina and sustainability. Ukakku type Kagune manifest from above the shoulder blades and slightly below the neck in the form of one or two wings extending from the Kakuhou location. Powerful Ukkaku type Ghouls are even capable of using their wings as shields for some attacks or into blades for close range combat though neither at once. These wings are capable crystalizing as well to allow for rapid firing crystalizing and firing spike-like projectiles at high speeds. While crystalized the wings become stiff and cannot be manipulated quickly or used for any other purpose than the firing of projectiles.
Strength: 3x Human
Agility: 6x Human
Stamina: 1x Human
Durability: 2x Human
Range Capability: Medium-Long

Koukaku Kagune specialize in enhanced durability and sustainability of the Kagune through the most dense use of RC cells. Koukaku type Ghouls store their RC cells in Kakuhou below the shoulder blades. Koukaku types are capable of forming their RC cells into armor or shields, but they may also be shaped into melee weapons such as drills or hammers, however when stretched beyond close-range these weapons move slow and rapidly lose strength from distance. The weight of the combination-density of the RC cells within a Koukaku type makes the Koukaku type Ghouls the slowest type but the sheer density of that weight offers great protection against internal and physical damage, additionally making the Koukaku Ghoul's body as difficult to pierce as copper.
Strength: 3x Human
Agility: 1x Human
Stamina: 3x Human
Durability: 5x Human
Range Capability: Close-Medium

Rinkaku Kagune possess a special ability unique to their Ghoul type that allows for a constant regenerative process to take place constantly within the body, capable of keeping them alive through seemingly fatal injuries and ooccuring passively, constantly, without the cost of RC factor or cells. As a result of the Rinkaku type Ghoul's focus on internal healing with RC cells, their raw physicality enhancements are limited when compared to other Kagune type. Rinkaku Kagune comes in the form of a series of tentacle-like RC cell formations that extend from the lower-mid back where the Rinkaku Kakuhou is located. The liquous regenerative property of these RC cells make the RC tentacles take on a more liquid than solid state, making them more breakable and more flexible than other Kagune-based constructs.
Strength: 2x Human
Agility: 2x Human
Stamina: 5x Human
Durability: 3x Human
Range Capability: Close

Bikaku Kagune are the most specialized at melee and are typically known for being overwhelming in assault. Bikaku Kagune use RC cells to create an extremely dense and extremely controlled tail from the Kakuhou located at the Bikaku Type Ghoul's tailbone. Most of the time a Bikaku type Ghoul creates a single powerful tail that is large enough to be considered medium range, and dense enough to be a reliable and consistent weapon. Powerful Bikaku type Ghouls have even been known to manifest up to four of these tails at once. The concentration of RC cells are most dense in Kagune form in the Bikaku type Ghouls, comparative to the kind of sturdiness and durability the RC cells offer a Koukaku type Ghoul's body.
Strength: 5x Human
Agility: 2x Human
Stamina: 3x Human
Durability: 2x Human
Range Capability: Close-Medium

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